Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting Inc. (Benedict Carl) is a manpower consulting firm (PRPA Lic. No. M-12-02-118) that seeks to contribute to society by providing gainful employment to the Filipino people and its personnel through serving the manpower requirements of local companies. It aims to provide its clients above satisfactory performance which it believes will result into a loyal clientele and continuous business to sustain and enable the company to grow.

Our Vission and Values

The name BENEDICT CARL derives from the first names of both parents of the company founder. This is because the values his parents have instilled in him have influenced the same values which continue to guide the company. One very important value BENEDICT CARL emanates is the belief that one does not seek to enrich oneself in life but rather one seeks to enrich life. As such:
  • BENEDICT CARL first and foremost seeks to assist people to find employment in line with their skills and interests, guiding them in their career growth to enable them to develop their potentials and be compensated accordingly.
  • BENEDICT CARL secondly aims to help its employees earn sufficiently to meet their individual and family financial needs. It believes that the success of the company largely depends on the efforts of all its employees and rewards them through a profit sharing scheme proportionate to each one’s contribution.
  • BENEDICT CARL thirdly strives to deal with its client with integrity and a spirit of service. It shall endeavor to develop very good working relationships with its clients to understand clearly their needs and serve them satisfactorily. It shall continuously work towards improving its personnel and operations to be the best in its line of business.
  • BENEDICT CARL lastly recognizes their responsibility to their corporate stockholders and shall work not only to meet but to exceed the targeted return of investments set for this business.